You're home! And you're tired! I'll bet Edward is too. But don't hit the sack yet, you've got something to do! Your birthday's long past, but our minds have been twirling, Check under the chair where you watch birdies swirling Your kids have been busy; we've been hatching a plan, We think you're terrific, the best mom in the land. You've found the next clue, O Fortuna, what luck! Now look at yourself, where the next clue is stuck. Your 29th decade! Oh wait...that seems wrong, You did a backbend, how limber, such strong. You don't seem your age, but wait, what to do? Take a peek 'hind Sir 'Xander for the very next clue. You're a really great Nonnie, four point five babies agree, With your love and your laughter, it's not hard to see. Oh you're really close now, one more move and you'll find it Don't just dream of your paint, pick it up, look behind it! The best mother by far, Shoobee-doo bop sharee! Ding dang flimmy flammer, hot damn we're lucky! You'll be off to Virginia, to wield brushes and paint Full meals and free lodging; a retreat to get train't! So open the package, and find what we mean, We love you, we love you - Happy Birthday; Yas Kween!