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A Year of Coding
January 01, 2016

In 2015, I set a goal to commit code at least once per day. The rules were pretty simple

I was able to accomplish this goal and in the process, made commits to 46 repositories (edit: Github seems to have lost a few of my commits) and pushed 2046 contributions. These ranged from new personal projects to learning projects and bug fixes/enhancements to open source software. This was a fun and interesting challenge to achieve, as it pushed me to consistently engage with coding and make tangible progress in various projects. The daily commitment not only enhanced my technical skills but also cultivated discipline and perseverance.

By adhering to the rules I set for myself, I ensured that each code commit had value. This also gave me an outlet for exploration and experimentation - writing code every day allowed me to explore new technologies, learn different programming languages, and tackle diverse problem domains.