Game developer + engineer + maker
Rhythm Artist Code, Design, Art Honorbound Studios 2013
Rhythm Artist is an unfinished audioreactive app where you tap along to a song as chill graphics swirl and interact with you. I did gameplay and graphics programming. Programmed in C++ on Cinder.
Deadliest Warrior Gameplay, AI, Engine Pipeworks 2010/2011
Xbox 360
I was responsible for all character systems, all gameplay systems, and all AI. During this project, I used genetic algorithms driven by automated AI fights to improve the different AI playstyles against each other.
Night at the Museum Gameplay, AI, Engine Pipeworks 2009
Wii/Xbox 360
I was a gameplay and AI engineer on this title. I helped design and engineered all of the game's boss battles and many of the core systems.
Ego Code, Design, Art jemonjam 2007
A prototype and proof of concept adventure game about a great stage actor in the game engine that I wrote (C++). The scripting language for the engine was based on theater scripts - an example of function following form.
Haunted House Gameplay ImaginEngine 2010
A remake of a gaming classic. I was called in as an expert on the internal game engine to support the boss sequences and to inject stability into the core gameplay.
Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune Gameplay, UI Pipeworks 2010
I was the prototyping gameplay engineer and put together pre-alpha game systems as proof-of-concept.
Misfit Battles Gameplay Honorbound Studios 2012
A fun take on a classic formula, Misfit battles is a co-op game where all proceeds are donated to charity. I was a gameplay and graphics engineer.
Zumba Engine Pipeworks 2010
Xbox 360/PS3/Wii
An exercise game utilizing three unique methods of tracking user movement (Kinect for 360, Move controller for PS3 and Wii remote for Wii.) I helped out on the core engine and with some gameplay.
Charm Girls Club Gameplay, Engine Pipeworks 2009
A tween girls game made by a group of twenty-something men! I helped with the initial pitch for this game - Warioware for girls, including speed hair teasing - and implemented a lot of the minigames as well as cross-game mechanics.
Apples to Apples Code, UI ImaginEngine 2011
A game by a sister studio that used Pipeworks' internal game engine. I was brought on to stabilize the project, and did network engineering.
Wreck-it-Ralph Prototype Pipeworks 2012
Xbox 360/Wii
I was responsible for initial gameplay and character prototyping, including prototyping the Kinect character and menu controls.